YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard) Festival December 9, 2017


YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard) Festival 2017

Saturday, December 9th – 12-4pm

Metro Hall Rotunda

55 John Street

Free and open to the public

yimbytoronto.org | info@yimbytoronto.org


The annual YIMBY Festival provides a social space for people and groups involved in grassroots, locally ­driven community development to gather, exchange ideas and strategies to affect change, and imagine their future city. This free, one­-day event invites community groups and non-profits from across Toronto to educate residents, politicians, policy makers, and each other through informal table discussions and presentations. YIMBY provides an opportunity for neighbours to meet neighbours, residents to meet politicians, and politicians to meet community groups in the spirit of people coming together for positive change.


This year’s YIMBY festival will welcome 100 Toronto-­based groups involved in community development, civic literacy, equity, neighbourhood improvement, environmental action, arts and culture, economic development, and more.


Throughout the day, visitors can connect with organizations at informational displays and take in programming by YIMBY participants who will share samples their current work, ongoing strategies, and new ideas for positive change in Toronto’s neighborhoods.