Western Waterfront Public Art / Interactive Sculpture


The artist collective Interactive Arts is creating a new public art piece to be displayed on the Humber Pedestrian Bridge for two months this summer.

“We are so excited to share with you a new public art piece that will be displayed on the Humber Pedestrian Bridge for two months this summer.

Inspired by the bridge and the surrounding waterfront, this project is part of a unique initiative to bring large scale art, created by a shared community effort, to the city of Toronto. The sculpture is a grassroots effort, being created by volunteer artists along with interactive arts as a gift to our city.

Overnight, two 18 foot long dancing creatures will appear on the Humber Bridge suspended 20 feet above the pedestrian walkway.  The creatures will have a glass like appearance and at night they will seem to communicate with each other and their surroundings using bio-luminescence.”


If you are interested to donate or find out more please visit: Interactive Arts Humber Bridge Public Art Project