Western Waterfront Master Plan Update

The City of Toronto has undertaken a study to create a Master Plan for the Western Waterfront. The Master Plan will guide decision making within the defined area by recommending the type and location of park facilities that meet a range of community needs, as well as improvements to the transportation, transit and pedestrian links with surrounding neighbourhoods.

The study area covers a 4 km-long stretch of the Western Waterfront and is bounded by the Humber River to the west, Marilyn Bell Park to the east, Lake Ontario to the south, and the Lake Shore Blvd W./Gardiner Expressway/Queensway corridor to the north (see Map).

The next scheduled public meeting is December 9th, 2008. The meeting will be held at St. Joe’s Health Centre, 30 The Queensway. See attached invitation.

I look forward to discussing this very detailed, comprehensive and exciting plan for our waterfront.