Waste Reduction

What’s in your Garbage Bin?

City reports show that many garbage bins are filled with only about a third real garbage. Did you know…

These go in the garbage     These go in the blue bin
·   Cereal liners ·     Milk bags (inner & outer pouch)
·   Aluminum foil ·     Aluminum plates and trays
·   Snack food bags (chips, peanuts, cookies, etc.) ·     Clear takeout food containers

What does your garbage bin cost?

Small bins
Yearly fee: $10.63

If you switch to a small garbage bin, you

…Save $78.10! 

Medium bins
Yearly fee: $88.73

 …Save $236.76!

Large bins
Yearly fee: $247.39

…Save $332.97!

Extra-large bins
Yearly fee: $343.60

Reducing your garbage will lessen your impact on the environment and save you money.

To learn more, visit Toronto.ca/recycle.

You can downsize your garbage bin, and upsize or order an additional recycling bin for FREE!

Call 311 or email 311@toronto.ca today to make the switch.