Ward 14 Tree Advocacy – on the ground and running!

Last night I held a meeting to discuss how to increase the tree canopy in Parkdale-High Park. The meeting was attended by several residents who have been doing amazing work in their neighbourhoods to promote tree plantings and proper tree maintenance. Please see the attached brochure for more information on this exciting initiative.

Trees provide improved air quality, a cooler micro-climate, storage and recycling of rainwater, wildlife habitat, greener street connections to parks, healthy and interesting streetscapes, a renewed neighbourhood identity, increased property values and reduced energy costs.

The City of Toronto will visit your home and plant a free tree on your front property. Once an appropriate location has been determined, you usually have a choice between two or three trees. Once the selection has been made the city return to your property and plant the tree, free of charge!

If you are interested in having an inspection conducted of your front property to see if you qualify for a free tree please call 416-338-TREE (8733).

LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) will pant a tree for a small fee in your backyard. Contact LEAF at 416-413-9244 or visit www.leaftoronto.org

If you would like more information on how to start a tree advocacy group in your neighbourhood, contact the RMRA Greening Committee at greening@rmra-to.org. The WBRA (West Bend Residents Association) also has some helpful tips on a water brigade that is volunteer run that goes around the neighbourhood to water newly planted trees. For information on this exciting project, contact westbend resident David White at dvdwht@sympatico.ca.