Want To Volunteer With Toronto Special Events Or With Long-Term Care Homes and Services?

Look to volunteer and help out others?

Toronto Special Events is looking to fill key positions at festivals and events. They provide assistance with programming and logistical operations, and offer hospitality to our diverse patrons. Upcoming events include Doors Open Toronto, Canada Day, Fresh Wednesdays and Tasty Thursdays, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, and the Cavalcade of Lights.

For more information please see: Special Events Volunteer


Toronto Long-Term Care Homes and Services is always looking for new volunteers to join their team. Your support helps residents maintain as active, independent and as high a quality of life as possible by augmenting and complementing services provided by staff of the home. Volunteer initiatives enhance the lives of residents and clients, by delivering many programs such as the tuck shop, bingo, pub, one-to-one visiting, and help to enhance many other home programs including dining assistance and escorting.

For more information please see: Long-Term Care Homes and Services Volunteer