Victory at the OMB – Highrise at 1540 Bloor St. West refused

Excellent news, we won at the OMB for 1540 Bloor Street West! Here is the summary of the decision:

“In the final analysis, the proposed structure of 92.5 metres in height at over 16
times coverage is simply too large for the site and inappropriate for the area. In my
opinion, it is not consistent with the findings and recommendations of the Avenue Study,
it does not conform with the City OP and it does not represent good planning.
Based on all of the foregoing therefore, the proposed development is not
approved and accordingly, the Developer’s appeal is dismissed.”

This is a tremendous victory for a group of Ward 14 residents who have given thousands of hours of volunteer time, and for the city as a whole.

Please find attached the report from the OMB.