Urgent Streetcar Rail Repairs – Sunnyside Loop and along the Queensway

Starting at 5 a.m. on Saturday, April 4, TTC track crews will be conducting urgent rail repairs along areas of the track on The Queensway and within the Sunnyside Loop, located at the intersection of The Queensway and Sunnyside Avenue. All work activities will be contained within the track area and will include minor breaking and removal of concrete to expose the rail to be repaired, replacing existing rail with new rail, and placement of new concrete.

Thank you for your support as the TTC makes these important repairs to keep transit moving safely.

For further information contact our office at councillor_perks@toronto.ca or TTC’s Construction Liaison Officer – Arno van Dijk at  416-434-0759 or arno.vandijk@ttc.ca .

Construction Notice - Sunnyside Loop