Updates from Toronto Building and City Planning

As of this week, all Toronto Building permitting and inspection services are being offered. Some of the services are modified with new applications being accepted electronically only and in-person inspection protocols have been established to ensure health and safety. Some staff have been reassigned to permitting in order to improve response times to permit requests. At this time, staff are focusing their efforts on permits that were received prior to the service disruption. As of April 29, 92 per cent of all active building applications received prior to the service disruption have been reviewed and processed, meaning the permits have been issued; are pending issuance; or a deficiency notice has been issued. New building permit applications are being accepted

Committee of Adjustment:
After clearing a number of regulatory, logistic and technology hurdles, the Committee of Adjustment has scheduled its first hearing on June 3 with subsequent hearings now being pre-booked to July 31. The meetings will be held virtually. Notices will start being sent to applicants for the first hearing next week. Initial meetings will have no more than 20 items on the agenda. Initially, staff will triage and schedule minor variance applications based on a ‘first come, first served’ principle (based on those received by March 16), and files that are ready now. We will be starting with less complex cases and where the applicants have agreed to the virtual format. Given the current backlog created by the scale back of all non-essential services and the limited capacity in which we are able to move forward, we anticipate managing the backlog well into the year.

Below are the status of a list of services:

Next Steps
Staff are continuing to evaluate the processes and abilities to move forward with full service resumption including the acceptance of new Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments Draft Plan of Subdivision.
Throughout the course of the pandemic and as we move into recovery, the City is committed to continuing to work with the development industry to ensure service delivery is maintained and in fact service transformation is accelerated. Very soon staff will be providing additional information on the next steps in how this transformation of the development review process is advancing.

For more information, please contact:
Gregg Lintern (Gregg.Lintern@toronto.ca), Chief Planner & Executive Director, City Planning
Will Johnston (Will.Johnston@toronto.ca), Chief Building Official & Executive Director, Toronto Building
Or visit the City’s website on affected services