Increased penalties for running a red light


Council recommended a package of stiffer penalties for red-light running offences. The proposed new fines and penalties will be sent to the Government of Ontario for consideration and implementation. As part of the package, the City is requesting the Province to consider raising the fine from $180 to $500, and increasing the demerit points from three to five for red-light running offences. Council is also calling for the immediate suspension of the driver’s licence of any driver convicted of multiple red-light running offences or who causes an injury as a result of running a red light. Red-light cameras have resulted in significant reductions in the number of collisions at red-light camera locations. In May 2006, City Council approved an expansion of the program from the initial 10 cameras in 37 locations to a total of 98 cameras in 169 locations by the end of 2009. The City has operated red-light cameras since November 2000.