Green light for environmental assessment to remove Gardiner east of Jarvis

To help revitalize Toronto’s waterfront, City Council approved an $11 million environmental assessment to study the removal the Gardiner Expressway east of Jarvis Street. A new boulevard-style roadway would replace the east Gardiner. The new boulevard would allow the City to alter the land use in that area to feature high quality urban design and improve access to the waterfront by cyclists and pedestrians. The environmental assessment will support the City’s plans to retain adjacent employment lands for knowledge-based industries. A steering committee of City and Waterfront Toronto officials will be created to oversee the assessment. The City will consider public and private partnerships as options to finance the proposed dismantling of the east Gardiner. During this assessment period the City will conduct minimal but necessary maintenance on the Gardiner east of Jarvis to ensure it continues to be safe. The removal of the east Gardiner was proposed by the Waterfront Toronto Board of Directors on June 12, 2008. Funding once targeted for the Front Street extension will now be re-allocated to support other waterfront initiatives in the public realm.