Enhancing accountability at the City of Toronto

City Council appointed Geri Sanson the City’s new Integrity Commissioner, effective September 1. The Integrity Commissioner provides advice, complaint resolution and education to Council members (as well as to appointees of most of the City’s agencies, boards and commissions) on the application of the City’s Code of Conduct and other bylaws, policies and legislation that deal with ethics in the local government. Ms. Sanson takes over the position from David Mullan, Toronto’s first integrity commissioner and the first municipal integrity commissioner in Canada.
In another appointment, Council named Linda L. Gehrke the City’s new Lobbyist Registrar, effective August 1. The registrar leads and manages the City’s lobbyist control framework, including the lobbyist registry. Ms. Gehrke will help to ensure that Council’s decision-making process is transparent, open and accountable to the public, and that lobbying activities are carried out with the highest ethical standards. Ms. Gehrke takes over the position from Marilyn Abraham, the City’s first Lobbyist Registrar.
The Integrity Commissioner and Lobbyist Registrar, independent officers reporting to City Council, are two components of the City’s accountability framework required under the City of Toronto Act. The others are the Auditor General and the Ombudsperson.