Council Highlights – City Council Meeting: March 8 and 9, 2011

City Council meetings of March 8 and 9, 2011

Toronto Community Housing Corporation
Council adopted a series of resolutions involving a City agency, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), at a Special Council Meeting on March 9. The resolutions included removal of the remaining members (and designated alternates) of TCHC's board of directors and the immediate appointment of former City councillor Case Ootes as managing director of the TCHC. His term will end when Council appoints a replacement board of directors. Council directed that a new board of directors is to be in place by the time Council meets in mid-June of this year. Council also adopted resolutions to bolster the accountability of TCHC and its board of directors.

Prevention of fraud at the City of Toronto
At its regular business meeting March 8 and 9, Council directed the City Manager to take steps to ensure that City staff are aware of the whistleblower protection provisions in the City's fraud prevention policy. Council also asked the City Manager to ensure that the City's ethics training for staff includes guidance on what constitutes retribution and emphasizes the importance of protecting employees who report allegations of wrongdoing.

Review of environmental grants 
Council requested a review of the City's environmental grant programs to ensure they are suitably structured and well managed. Council wants to see a more effective grant monitoring system – one that includes appropriate action where monitoring by the City finds that the use of a grant is not fully consistent with the conditions of the grant. Council also requested amendment of the standard agreement for the Eco-Roof Incentive Program to allow City staff to periodically inspect green roofs in accordance with their specific design service life.

Management of the City's computer software
Council adopted a series of actions with the intention of improving the acquisition and management of computer software in all City divisions and agencies. Council directed the City's Chief Information Officer to prepare a software asset management plan that includes policies, procedures and practices for managing the City's software. In addition, the Chief Information Officer is to undertake periodic risk assessments of the City's software and take steps to address identified risks.

Administration of parks concessions
Acting on recommendations of the Auditor General, Council adopted a series of steps designed to improve the collection of concession revenues and improve administrative processes for concessions – specifically food services, bicycle rental and theme parks administered by the City's Parks, Forestry and Recreation division. Steps to be taken include, for example, the preparation of formal procedural guidelines for staff's follow-up on past due accounts.

Protocols for Auditor General's reports
Council asked the City's Auditor General, in consultation with the City Manager, to review the current protocols for Auditor General reports and recommend any changes that would reduce the possibility of reports being made public before their consideration by the Audit Committee.

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