City supports climate change goals by greening its vehicle fleet

Council unanimously approved the Green Fleet Plan 2008-2011, which will see the City purchase more environmentally friendly vehicles. These vehicles will help the City Fleet meet or surpass its emission reduction targets adopted by Council: it will reduce locally produced smog emissions by 20 per cent by 2012, and meet Kyoto greenhouse gas reduction targets. The City Fleet will add a minimum: 80 vehicles in 2008, 100 vehicles in 2009, 140 vehicles in 2010 and 200 vehicles in 2011. The City will test electric and hydrogen powered vehicles. Also, the City’s street sweepers will be replaced with dustless models that will trap the swept particles, preventing them from becoming airborne. The Fleet Services Division will work with other City divisions to reduce the overall number of vehicles used and kilometres travelled, and to use vehicles more efficiently.