City Council meeting of January 29 and 30, 2008

 Agenda for Prosperity – a strong, vibrant and internationally competitive Toronto

Council endorsed the Agenda for Prosperity – A Prospectus for a Great City as the framework for major strategic policies impacting economic competitiveness and growth. The city-building agenda was prepared by the Mayor’s Economic Competitiveness Advisory Committee, which is comprised of business, labour and academic leaders, and members of Council. City Council also directed staff, in consultation with the Advisory Committee, to prepare an implementation plan and budget for priority actions, recommend targets for the success measures identified for the four pillars of the Prosperity Agenda, and to report back as soon as possible on next steps, and annually thereafter on the status of the report’s implementation. The Mayor convened the Advisory Committee in June 2006 to provide advice on ways to improve the quality of life in Toronto, put creativity at the heart of the economic development strategy and create greater opportunity for all through enhanced economic competitiveness and growth, the creation of high quality jobs, retaining and attracting investment, and fostering a culture of partnership to sustain a vibrant economy.