Update on the Junction bus stop: Dundas at Jerome

Last week it was brought to our attention that the TTC would be removing both the north and south bound bus stops at Dundas and Jerome.

The TTC has now confirmed that they will NOT be moving the SOUTHBOUND stop (the stop towards Dundas West station).

The southbound stop will remain.

The TTC will be removing the northbound stop (the stop on the railway side of Dundas) at Jerome Avenue due to safety concerns. Throughout the years, there have been many concerns about the safety of people who use this stop as they often compete with the fast moving traffic as they jay-walk across Dundas.

In December of last year Transportation staff completed a review of this intersection after receiving a request for a crosswalk at this bus stop.  When Transportation staff review these types of requests, they consider factors such as pedestrian use, automobile use and distance to the nearest crossing, among other things. This intersection did not meet the criteria for a crosswalk.