Update on Dundas Renaming

A City of Toronto staff report on the renaming of Dundas Street and other civic assets with the Dundas name went before Executive Committee on July 6th. The report was approved at Executive Committee and will be reviewed at Council Meeting on July 14th.

The report outlines a renaming process along with a Community Advisory Committee of Black and Indigenous leaders and local Dundas Street residents and businesses.

The report recommends that the Community Advisory Committee gather naming suggestions from their communities as part of a commitment to healing and recommending new names for Dundas Street and other civic assets for consideration by City Council next year.

It provides an assessment of the cost for the City and its agencies and outlines a community engagement strategy and change management process to fulfill the renaming process.

The new commemorative framework, to be presented to Council in 2022, will help guide the City’s decision-making on implications for reviewing existing assets including a number of streets in Ward 4. I will keep you updated as this work progresses.

You can review the Staff Report at  https://www.toronto.ca/news/city-of-toronto-staff-report-recommends-renaming-of-dundas-street/

I will be supporting staffs’ recommendations and will continue to support the work of the Recognition Review Group.

My office will continue to provide updates as this work continues.