Update on 1540 Bloor St West (N/W corner Bloor /Dundas) “Giraffe”

Further to my last update on 1540 Bloor St West, copied below, the Ontario Land Tribunal has issued their written decision, attached, on the Settlement Offer from the developer accepted by the City of Toronto in late 2021.

The decision of the Ontario Land Tribunal is to accept the settlement offer agreement, however it is withholding the final Order pending a number of items that need to be addressed to the satisfaction of the City of Toronto. These items include the replacement of the existing rental dwelling units and fourteen (14) new affordable rental dwelling units on the lands for a minimum period of ninety-nine (99) years. The complete list of items with details is available in attachment 1 of the attached document.

As always, my office is always available to assist you or answer questions on Ward 4 or city related manners.

Gord Perks, City Councillor

Parkdale High Park, Ward 4

1540 OLT-21-001811-FEB-04-2022

My previous December 2, 2021 update:

Update on 1540 Bloor St West (N/W corner Bloor /Dundas) “Giraffe”

The application at 1540 Bloor St West was originally submitted to the City in 2019, and  scheduled for appeal at the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) formerly Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). In the meantime, the applicant made a settlement offer to resolve the Appeal.

The City Solicitor submitted a Request for Direction Report for 1540 Bloor St West to the November. 2021 City Council meeting.  The report approved by City Council recommended that City Council adopt recommendations contained in a Confidential Attachment and authorize the public release of specific confidential recommendations. That information is now available.

http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewPublishedReport.do?function=getCouncilMinutesReport&meetingId=19696 , scroll down to TE28.5 1540-1550 Bloor Street West – Zoning Amendment – Request for Direction Report.

City Council have accepted the with prejudice settlement offer dated September 20, 2021 The Settlement Proposal is for a 27-storey (86.65 metres excluding mechanical penthouse) mixed-use tall building, as compared to the earlier hybrid building typology which included a taller base building with a tower on top – effectively a mid-rise building with a tower added. Additionally, the base building has been redesigned to meet the current standards in the Zoning By-law, as amended by the Bloor Dundas Study implementing By-law 1222-2009. The Settlement Offer is available to review, labelled as Attachment 1, Appendix “A” at http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2021.TE28.5

City Council have also accepted the without prejudice settlement offer in respect of community benefits proposed to be provided in the building, which consist of fourteen (14) new permanently affordable rental housing units, on the terms set out in Confidential Appendix “A” to the City Solicitor’s report, available here: https://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2021/cc/bgrd/backgroundfile-173920.pdf​ 

The City staff will attend the OLT Settlement Hearing on December 10th in support of the approved settlement. If you wish to observe this hearing, please contact Christopher Molnar, Case Coordinator, Planner, (437) 231-5387 or Christopher.Molnar@ontario.ca to obtain the videoconference link for the hearing. A table comparing the Settlement offer, the Original and a previous revised application is available starting on Page 5 of the Request for Directions Report:


I would also like to add, as a related matter that I am generally quite concerned with the process of negotiations between the City and developers on applications which have been appealed to the Ontario Land Use Tribunal.  Council is often put in a position of having to consider a settlement offer with: very little time for review; limited ability to discuss it publicly; and, advice which can appear to the public as different from the advice provided in previous public reports.

With that in mind, I have submitted a letter to Planning and Housing Committee requesting that the City Solicitor, in consultation with the Chief Planner and the City Clerk staff give advice to Council on the negotiation process for applications which have been appealed. I expect this advice to be provided early in the new year.  I will keep you updated on this item moving forward.

Gord Perks, City Councillor

Parkdale High Park, Ward 4