Update – 2154 Dundas St.

A couple of weeks ago I met with residents to discuss their concerns regarding the proposed development at 2154 Dundas St. Below I have clarified some issues that came up regarding zoning, Heritage designation and process for approval.

Please be advised that the Toronto Preservation Board will be hearing this property (report attached) at its meeting scheduled for Friday, February 20, 2009, at Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, 2nd Floor, Committee Room #4 at 2:00pm. If approved the report will be considered by the Toronto and East York Community Council at its meeting to be held on Thursday, March 26, 2009.

Further, 2154 Dundas is on the Committee of Adjustment agenda for March 4th. Please see attached.

Zoning :

2154 Bloor is zoned MCR (mixed commercial residential) and can be occupied as residential and/or commercial without applying for a variance regarding gross floor area, as the building was in its current form prior to July 20, 1993. However, the bylaw states that while residential uses are permitted as of right on the Property, introducing dwelling units into an existing commercial building triggers zoning requirements for residential purposes (eg. window separation and residential amenity space) not applicable to commercial uses and requires approval at Committee of Adjustment.

Currently the three variances are:

1. Section 8(3) Part II 1(A) (II) of By-law No. 438.86 – requires 5.5m set back – proposed building 1.975m

2. Section 4(12) of By-law No. 438-86 requires 86 square meters of indoor amenity space 0 is proposed; requires 86 square meters of outdoor amenity space – 40 is proposed

Heritage Designation:

2154 Dundas is listed on the Toronto’s Inventory of Heritage Properties. 2154 Dundas was listed prior to Plazacorp purchasing the property and is considered worthy of designation to preserve features on the interior and exterior of the building. To clarify, listing a property on the Inventory of Heritage Properties allows Heritage Preservation Services to review development and building applications affecting those properties. It also requires the owner to give the City 60 days notice of his or her intention to demolish the property. Listing only allows Heritage Preservation Services the opportunity to monitor and does not require the developer to get permission to alter or demolish. When a property is designated it confers a legal status giving HPS greater powers of refusal.

Time Line – Committee Approvals:

Heritage Board – Plazacorp has applied to the Feb 20th Heritage Preservation Board for Designation – if approved it will go to the March 26th Toronto and East York Community Council, for final approval at April meeting of City Council (notice attached)

Committee of Adjustment – Plazacorp is on the March 4th agenda for CofA (notice attached)

There will be an opportunity to depute at both board hearings.

If you have questions that you would like to pose to the developer, please contact Leslie Yager (lyager@plazacorp.com) and please cc my office.