Upcoming Infrastructure Improvements at the Intersection of King Street West, Queen Street West, The Queensway and Roncesvalles Avenue (KQQR)

Since September 2020, work crews have been undertaking rehabilitation work to the underside portion of the Parkside Drive Bridge at The Queensway. The remaining work, which will begin over the next few weeks and progress over several stages until the summer of 2020 includes:

  • Topside bridge rehabilitation of the Parkside Drive bridge at The Queensway
  • * Replacing watermain and relining of storm sewers
  • Road reconstruction and sidewalk replacement
  • Overhead wire replacement and reconstruction of the TTC track allowance and platforms
  • Relocating streetcar stops
  • Reconfiguring the KQQR intersection including: removal of the eastbound right-turn channel, removal of the center TTC platform on The Queensway, a dedicated streetcar lane, left-turn lane, through lane and right-turn lane on the eastbound approach, new raised TTC platform/bicycle facility on Queen Street West and realignment of the northbound approach on King Street West
  • Completing the Roncesvalles Avenue design from Harvard Avenue to the KQQR intersection, including streetscape improvements and two raised TTC platform/bicycle facilities at the northbound and southbound transit stops
  • Modifying the TTC platforms on Roncesvalles Avenue from Dundas Street West to Harvard Avenue so accessible streetcar ramps can operate
  • Adding dedicated eastbound left-turn lanes on The Queensway at the Sunnyside Avenue and Glendale Avenue intersections
  • Extension of the dedicated eastbound bicycle lane on The Queensway to Glendale Avenue
  • New sidewalk on south side of The Queensway at Glendale Avenue intersection for north-south pedestrian crossing on both sides of the intersection
  • Installing a new traffic control signal at the Sunnyside Avenue and The Queensway intersection
  • New street lighting

Advanced works in relation to the watermain and sewer works highlighted above with an asterisk (*) will begin this Friday, February 12, 2021. This work will entail  temporary on and off single (curb side) traffic lane closures on the approaches to the KQQR intersection and will have a minimal impact to traffic flow in the area. Further details on how this work will be carried out can be found in the attached construction update #1. Kindly note that this construction update is also being sent by way of Canada Post and should have started to hit mailboxes yesterday.