Toronto Public Health – Diabetes Awareness Month and Flu Vaccine Safe and Effective


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Toronto flu clinics still open – Flu vaccine safe and effective

Toronto Public Health (TPH) is reassuring the public that the influenza vaccine is safe and effective and is still the best defence against getting the flu. TPH flu clinics opened last week across the city, and will continue to operate as scheduled.

As a precautionary measure, Health Canada has temporarily suspended the use of influenza vaccine manufactured by Novartis (Agriflu and Fluad).

“Currently, Toronto Public Health is not using Norvartis influenza vaccines at any of our clinics,”said Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Associate Medical Officer of Health. “We want to reassure the public in Toronto and encourage them to still get their flu shot.”

Toronto Public Health monitors for adverse events following immunization. Those members of the public who have received their influenza vaccine can be reassured that, to date, no reports of serious or unexpected adverse events have been reported. If a member of the public does experience a reaction to an influenza shot, or any other vaccines, they should contact their family physician or TPH.

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