Toronto Police Services: Special Board Meeting on Police Street Checks – November 18

The Toronto Police Services Board will be holding a special public Board meeting for community input regarding the issue of “street checks” conducted by the police, as concerns have been raised by the community about racial profiling related to this practice.

The meeting will be held Monday, November 18, 2013 at 5:00pm at Toronto City Hall (100 Queen Street West), in Council Chambers.

This meeting will be based on two documents: the Police and Community Engagement Review Report presented by Chief Blair to the Board at its October 7th meeting, and a report prepared by Chair Mukherjee on the issue of police carding and racial profiling.

The Board is interested in hearing answers to questions such as:

  • · What parameters should be placed on the practice of street checks and/or community engagement?
  • · What are reasonable justifications for this practice?
  • · What tools can be imposed to ensure that street checks are conducted only when appropriate and justified?
  • · How can the Board ensure that the community plays a meaningful and ongoing role in evaluating this practice and providing feedback?


Deputations at the special meeting will be limited to 5 minutes in length; to sign up to make a deputation, please contact Deirdre Williams at or 416-808-8094. Written submissions may be provided by email to this address as well.