Toronto Animal Services – Adopt A Cat During 'Fall in Love' Adoption Campaign



Toronto has an overpopulation of unwanted cats – which leads to people dropping off many of them at the City’s animal shelters. Toronto Animal Services (TAS) tries to keep up with the high intake of cats into its shelters and attempts to find good homes for as many cats as possible.

The public can help by adopting a kitten or cat. During the “Fall in Love” adoption campaign over two weekends this fall (October 26 to 28 and November 1 to 4), all cats are just $25 – reduced from $75 – plus HST and the licence fee.

Several circumstances lead to the shelters’ intake of homeless cats. Some cats are born into feral cat colonies and live long enough to reproduce before their lives are cut short by the hardships of living on the street. Others are born in homes where the cat owners don’t spay/neuter their cats and allow them to breed. Cats breed in every season.

As a result of the warm weather Toronto has experienced lately, there has been a continued high intake of homeless cats at TAS shelters. Also contributing to this high shelter population is the fact that stray and homeless cats are more visible in warm weather. As a result, they continue to be brought into TAS shelters in high numbers. These factors result in shelters that are either full or nearing capacity.

Strategies are being used to stop the cycle of cat overpopulation – such as promoting the adoption of cats from shelters. When people adopt a kitten or cat from TAS, they receive a pet that is microchipped, vaccinated, de-wormed, vet-checked, and most importantly, spayed/neutered so it cannot reproduce.

Kittens and cats adopted from sources other than a shelter may not be spayed or neutered and will often reproduce at least once before being spayed or neutered. Some cats never benefit from being spayed or neutered and continue to reproduce for years.

Toronto Animal Services’ fall adoption promotion provides a good opportunity for residents to change the life of an animal living in a shelter. With colder weather on the way, it’s a great time to have a warm, furry friend to curl up with at home.

For more information, call 311 or visit the Toronto Animal Services shelter or participating PetSmart location in your neighbourhood. PetSmart is a Toronto Animal Services adoption partner.

Toronto Animal Services shelters:
West Region – 146 The East Mall, (Hwy 427 and Dundas Street West)
North Region – 1300 Sheppard Ave. W., (Keele Street and Sheppard Avenue West)
East Region – 821 Progress Ave. (Hwy 401 and Markham Road)
South Region – 140 Princes’ Blvd., (Exhibition Place, Horse Palace)

Participating PetSmart locations:
158 North Queen St., Toronto, 416-620-4648
835 Eglinton Ave. E., Toronto, 416-696-0388
2050 Eglinton Ave. E., Toronto, 416-701-0007
225 High Tech Rd., Richmond Hill, 905-764-6116

To learn more about the campaign and Toronto Animal Services see: