The SNYP Mobile Clinic – Lamport Stadium – Tuesday, May 24th

Toronto Animal Services‘ SNYP (spay/neuter your pet) Mobile Clinic will be rolling into neighbourhood improvement areas throughout the city to provide spay and neuter services for dogs and cats.

Please be aware that Toronto Animal Services wants to connect with residents who aren’t able to access veterinary care for their pet because they are in a low income household.

Residents with an income of less than $50,000 will qualify for subsidized or waived fees.

Please Note: It is not safe for dogs larger than 30 pounds to be spayed or neutered in the SNYP truck. There is not enough room in the truck to move a large dog that is under anesthetic.

If we identify an owner that needs help with a large dog, we will do our best to accommodate the dog in our shelter clinic or refer them to another clinic that can help.

SNYP Truck Clinic Dates and Locations:

How do I make an appointment? You will be able to make your request by calling 416-338-6281 or by email to book an appointment.