The Power to Live Green

Residents of Ward 14, get ready for a greener and healthier Toronto. On November 2, 2009 I and other members of the executive committee approved the “Power to Live Green”strategy that will help to reduce Toronto’s greenhouse gas emissions. As a long standing advocate of improved environmental practices I am pleased to have played a role in this initiative which will help Toronto reach its goal of 80% lower greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

“The Power to Live Green”is an energy plan that will save money, create jobs and improve the air that we breathe. By embracing three core principles of; greater energy efficiency in new and existing buildings, maximizing renewable energy generation, and smartly distributing energy for heating and cooling, Toronto is set to become one of Canada’s first low carbon cities. Through these three principles we aim to make our existing energy infrastructure more efficient in order to save you money and improve the quality of your environment. This will help both residents and businesses to lower their carbon footprint.

I am happy to have assisted in the formulation of this strategy and I look forward to my constituents enjoying the benefits of cleaner air and more efficient energy use.

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