The “Free Food For All Festival”! – May 1, 2013

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In the spirit of human rights, freedom, justice, and peace we cordially invite friends and family to a Free Food For All Festival on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013, 1-4pm in Queen’s Park in celebration of International Worker’s Day. This will bee a day of fun(gi) for the whole family! Bring your kids, musical instruments, costumes, seedlings, small gardening tools, snacks to share and a re-usable dish.

Along with sharing a delicious and nutritious meal and planting of a symbolic free community food garden, the day’s activities will include an opening ceremony by representatives from Six Nations, speakers, original musical theatre, information displays, hands-on educational workshops and more!



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This event is part of a coordinated day of action endorsed by dozens of organizaions (see below) which also includes a rally at City Hall at 5:30pm and a march to Little Norway Park to join in SOILidarity with striking Porter Airline workers.

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May 1st 2013 marks the one year anniversary of the planting of the People’s Peas Garden. The People’s Peas Garden was planted as part of the 2012 May Day festivities in SOILidarity with food workers and eaters around the world and was destroyed by the City of Toronto 5 months later on the eve of harvest.



We will mark this occasion by planting a new symbolic free community food garden to call attention to the continued hypocrisy of the Canadian government as they promise to eradicate hunger while actively perpetuating a food system based on the comodification of life and maximum profits for agro-business. This is part of a world-wide movement against a globalized colonial capitalist state-corporate food regime that encourages the destruction of livelihoods, displacement of peoples and the devastation of the natural environment.



The deep connections between International Workers Day and the food movement are innumerable and complex so to put it simply, the current food system is made possible only through the exploitation of workers around the world -particularly the poorest and most marginalized. Moreover it is those same poor and marginalized people who suffer most from the effects of that system through hunger, malnutrition, displacement, inhumane working conditions and more.



We have served a notice of our peasful intentions for this day to the Premiere (attached) and other relevant provincial officials and are in communication with them regarding the potential for them to support our activities.



Peas understand that we acknowledge and commend the grape efforts that many individual seedy councillors have made/are making to improve food security in their wards. However, we bee-lieve that it is imperative to raise awareness about the systemic causes of that insecurity to help empower pea-ple to affect change through both substitution strategies, and those that aim to transform the food system at large.



Sow join us! The thyme is berry ripe for peas, lovage and SOILidarity!




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