The 14 Division CPLC Community Safety Scholarship

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The CPLC Community Safety Scholarship will award up to $4,000 toward tuition fees to deserving young people who are making their community a safer place.


This scholarship is available to any Canadian citizen or permanent resident that is 25 years old or younger (as of May 2014) that lives and/or attends school within the boundaries of 11 or 14 Division, and that is actively improving community safety within 11 or 14 Division. Eligible students must be entering their first year at an accredited postsecondary institution or training program, demonstrate involvement in anti-racism, diversity and/or building healthy communities in their neighbourhoods and demonstrate a need for financial assistance.


Every student that applies for this scholarship will receive employment services offered through St. Stephen’s Community House Employment and Training Centre. This includes assistance in looking for and getting a job, one-on-one job counselling to assist you with resume writing, job searching, and job matching to connect you with employers offering jobs in your area of interest.

Please share the attached application students in your neighbourhood.