Thank you Ward 14

Thank you Ward 14. I am grateful for the confidence you have put in me, and eager to continue our work together to build a strong and inclusive community.

I want to acknowledge the incredible people in our neighbourhood who volunteered on campaigns, made donations, and took the time to vote – whichever candidate you supported. I am proud that so many showed faith in our democratic institutions after the tumultuous four years we have all just been through.

Toronto and Parkdale-High Park face challenges: fast growth, an overburdened transportation system, a shortage of affordable housing, and inadequate service levels in areas such as daycare. We also have revenue and revenue-sharing problems.

Over the last eight years our community has been a leader in creative ways to meet these and other challenges. I am sure we will continue together in being leaders. We have also shown the way in community engagement.

Over the next four years we will continue and expand on that approach. I expect to be calling on you to work together to make our community an even better place to live, and a model for how a diverse and inclusive neighbourhood works.

With sincere thanks,