Temporary Adjustments to Traffic and Parking Regulations for 2019 CNE – Jersey Barriers will be installed during this year’s CNE


Every year, temporary traffic and parking amendments are required to improve traffic operations and pedestrian safety during the annual Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), which takes place from August 16 to September 2, 2019. These changes were introduced at Toronto and East York Community Council (TEYCC) in June.

Some of these temporary changes include:

‘No Standing’ signage on:
• Thorburn, north side, between Tyndall and Dufferin;
• Temple, north side, between Tyndall and Dufferin; and
• Tyndall, both sides, between Springhurst and Thorburn.

’24 hour Permit Parking’ signage on:
• Springhurst between Jameson and Dufferin, north side.

The complete list of yearly changes that will be introduced at TEYCC is available online:
Non-delegated: bit.ly/2IoIqmQ
Delegated: bit.ly/2XXogWc

In addition, traffic and safety concerns raised by South Parkdale Residents were shared with Exhibition Place.
In response, Exhibition Place and CNE have agreed to keep the southbound lane of Dufferin Street and British Columbia Road open during the week and completely closed on weekends for this year.

Jersey barriers will be installed along Dufferin Street and British Columbia Road to allow southbound traffic during the week.

Weekdays (with the exception of Labour Day)
• Northbound and Southbound Lanes open from 12AM-9:30AM
• Only Southbound open from 9:30AM, Northbound Closed

• Both Northbound and Southbound lanes are closed
Labour Day Monday
• Both Northbound and Southbound lanes closed(both lanes to reopen at 12AM Tuesday September 3rd)

Temporary Parking Permits
Community members raised concerns with the number of Temporary Parking Permits issued on local South Parkdale streets during the CNE. In response to this, Permit Parking Staff temporarily restrict the issuance of Visitor Parking Permits to the residential addresses located in the area bounded by Dufferin St, King St W, Jameson Ave and the lake for the entirety of the CNE. During this period, temporary parking permits will be issued — with proof of residency and guest’s licence plate number — at the City Hall counter, 100 Queen Street West. Online applications will not be permitted.

Further, the following actions will take place again this year:
• CNE to communicate in the ‘CNE Guide Book’ and in media releases that “Paid Parking on residential properties in South Parkdale is no longer permitted during The Ex” with information on parking lots and bike rack locations;

• City Transportation to sign the boundary of the South Parkdale area (Dufferin/King, Jameson/King intersection) to communicate message to deter drivers from entering the area to look for paid parking on these residential streets, and instead direct them to parking lots with directions to parking lots;

• City Transportation to post signs on Liberty at Dufferin, as well as at the entrance of Springhurst (at Dufferin) and Temple (at Dufferin) advising that only permit parking holders can park on residential streets in south Parkdale during the CNE;

• Toronto Police, Parking Enforcement, and City Bylaw enforcement staff have been asked to monitor South Parkdale for infractions during the CNE;

• Toronto Police and Parking Enforcement have been asked to, when appropriate, use foot and bike patrols in South Parkdale during the CNE to lessen the number of vehicles in the area;

• Toronto Police have been reminded of ongoing safety concerns during the CNE when the one way at Springhurst, from Dufferin to Tyndall, is not respected;

• CNE working with Traffic Management Centre to monitor traffic and manage traffic flows and monitor traffic lights.

Transportation Staff worked towards more and better signage with CNE, Ex Place and Police in and around Parkdale.
Please feel free to contact my office at any time if you have questions or comments about this or any other Ward 4 or city-related matter.

Gord Perks