Swansea Town Hall Newsletter and Board Recruitment

Swansea Town Hall is seeking enthusiastic individuals who want to help improve the community centre by serving on the Board of Management. !

Please follow these links for more information. Apply online through the City of Toronto or drop by the Town Hall to pick up an application package:
LINK TO OUR >> Printable Application and Information package
LINK TO >> Apply Online – City of Toronto Public Appointments

They are seeking applicants who:

  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the neighbourhood and community within the Swansea catchment area;
  • Reflect the cultural and social diversity of the community;
  • Will conscientiously contribute their time and energy;
  • Bring integrity, dependability, skills and fresh ideas to the Board and its committees;
  • Have knowledge and understanding of community and public service;
  • Are team players who possess good communication and decision making skills and
  • Are expected to serve on Board committees dealing with matters such as governance, finance, community engagement, human resources and venue management.

The deadline for applications is Monday March 16th, 2020 at 12:00 noon. If you are not submitting your application online with the City portal or do not have access to a computer, hard copies of the application form will be available at the front desk during regular opening hours. Swansea Town Hall is located at 95 Lavinia Avenue; Toronto, ON M6S 3H9. Please submit your application to the attention of the Nominating Committee, Swansea Town Hall, at the above address or email it to app@swanseatownhall.ca.