Survey on Draft Recommendations on Existing Dogs Off-Leash Areas

With the number of people and dogs in Toronto growing, the use of dogs off-leash areas (OLAs) continues to increase. The Parks & Recreation Facilities Master Plan (2017) recommended the City develop criteria for improving existing dogs off-leash areas.

This survey is part of the City-Wide Study of Existing Dogs Off-Leash Areas. The goals of the study overall are to:

  • Improve existing off-leash areas through better design, maintenance, and operation
  • Encourage healthy relationships between dog owners and non-dog owners
  • Elevate off-leash areas as spaces that provide a healthy, safe, accessible, and sustainable environment
  • Develop guidelines to ensure consistent maintenance and operation across Toronto
  • Develop design recommendations that can be applied to all existing off-leash areas
  • Improve community involvement and develop future ongoing partnerships

The survey is available here and it will be available until February 18, 2020.