Supporting ‘A Path Forward’ recommendations on encampments

I am appalled at the actions of clearing encampments and the escalated violence that has taken place during those actions over the last few weeks, including yesterday at Lamport.

The City of Toronto has a responsibility to support the needs of everyone in our city, especially our most vulnerable residents. We have a duty to ensure that everyone has access to safe shelter and permanent supportive housing. Encampments are not a safe housing solution. The structures are unsafe. Living outdoors for extended periods is not a path to good health.

How we approach the efforts to house individuals in encampments is crucial.

I have signed on to a letter addressed to Mayor Tory that calls for the immediate adoption of the Path Forward recommendations endorsed by over 207 individuals and organizations calling on a Human Rights approach towards Encampment residents.

We must focus our efforts on connecting people with spaces where they have the health supports and amenities they need.