Stakeholder Advisory Committee for Port Lands Acceleration Initiative


“The City of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto kicked-off the Port Lands Acceleration Initiative consultation process on Dec 12th with over 600 participants at the first public meeting.
In addition to two more rounds of public consultation in 2012, we are also creating a Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC will meet about 6 times between January and June 2012, and will be made up of organizations from across the City representing business, community and other specific sectors and interests (e.g. environment, urban design, transportation, etc.). The purpose of the SAC is to provide a multi-stakeholder forum for discussion of approaches, concepts and alternatives as part of the project.
We are seeking representatives from organizations in your Ward that may be interested in applying to be on the Port Lands Acceleration Initiative Stakeholder Advisory Committee. Given the City-wide importance of the Port Lands, we are seeking broad community and sector representation. If you are aware of any organizations that would be interested in participating on the Port Lands Acceleration Initiative SAC, please forward them the attached application form.
Applications for the SAC are due by Friday January 13, 2012.”

SAC Application Form (DEADLINE Jan 13, 2012)