Spring/Summer Newsletter: Developments

Since the sate of emergency development applications have slowed as the Planning Department prioritized completing site plan of existing approved developments.  As the development process starts to re-open we have our first development going to July City Council, which will be followed by an updated community consultation system starting in the fall.  During this time the provincial government has removed the 210 day timeline for a decision from the municipal government, reducing the fear of an intimidate LPAT appeal.

1540 Bloor St West

An application has been submitted proposing a 25-storey mixed-use building. The application proposes 327 residential units and 100 parking spaces in a below ground parking garage. City Planning staff are currently reviewing the application. A pre-application meeting was held on April 10th, 2019,  Further consultation with the community will take place in the near future.

1630-1632 Bloor St West

A 6-storey building has been approved for this site with retail atgrade and hotel use at the upper levels. A total of 9 parking spaces will be provided at the rear of the site, which is accessed via laneway. The applicant is currently working with City Staff to complete an acceptable Site Plan.

1660 Bloor St West

This pre-application site plan proposes a 12-storey mixed-use building including 119 rental units and retail at-grade. It would contain 49 vehicle parking spaces and 119 bicycle parking spaces located within three levels of underground parking accessed from Indian Rd. This site falls within the Bloor Avenue study area.

2115-2117 Bloor St West

An 8-storey mixed-use building with proposed office and retail on the ground and second floors, and 43 residential units above was approved in 2016. A Site Plan was approved in March 2018. City Planning staff advise that a number of outstanding issues remain on this site that need to be addressed before construction starts.

2442-2454 Bloor St West

The Zoning By-law amendment application for this site has been finalized. In April 2019, the developer, the City, and all other parties to the appeal reached a settlement for a 12-storey building on site, which the LPAT approved. A Site Plan application, including streetscaping at the northeast corner of Bloor St W and Riverview Gardens, remains under review. A demolition application for the buildings onsite has been approved.

11 Brock Ave

The City of Toronto has taken possession of the property and building at 11 Brock Ave (former site of the LCBO) and will begin to negotiate an application for affordable housing.

57 Brock Ave 

The applicant reached an agreement with the City in 2018 for a 7-storey residential building, with 2 levels of above-ground parking adjacent to the railway. A site plan remains under review.

155-157 Cowan Ave 

An application has been submitted for a 4-storey, 33-unit residential building including rental replacement units. Discussions between City Planning and the developer continue.

340-376R Dufferin St and 2 Melbourne Ave 

A rezoning application has been submitted for this property to change the existing uses onsite, with no changes to the built form. A pre-application community meeting was held in Oct 2019 where the potential uses were discussed. City Planning is currently reviewing the application. A preliminary report to Community Council is upcoming with community consultation to follow.

2280 Dundas St West (Loblaws site)

Several community meetings have been held for this 13 acre site, including a roundtable workshop. However, the project is currently on hold. When work resumes, more community feedback will be sought, with community meetings and roundtables to come.

2376 Dundas St West

An OMB decision in March 2014 approved an 8-storey mid-rise building with a 24-storey component at the rear of the site. The Site Plan application has been approved by the City. Soil remediation work on-site is ongoing.

2639 Dundas St West

In July 2018, City Council approved an application for an 8-storey residential building with 107 units, 47 parking spaces, and 192 bicycle parking spaces. The site plan remains under review.

2706-2730 Dundas St West 

An OMB settlement offer was accepted in August 2018 between the developer and the City which allows for a 9-storey building containing 151 residential units with retail at grade. Site plan was approved in early 2020.

2946-2968 Dundas St West

An application was submitted in March 2019 for an 8-storey mid-rise building consisting of a mix of 102 residential units, office space, and ground-level retail. The zoning change was approved at Council with the facade of 2946- 2952 Dundas St W being conserved, as it has been identified as having cultural heritage value. The application is currently working towards site plan approval.

2978-2988 Dundas St West

This proposal is for an 8-storey building with retail at-grade and 80 residential units above. The partial 8th storey will contain indoor amenity space and access to an outdoor rooftop amenity space. It will require the demolition of 7 existing rental units, which will be replaced in the new building. City Council’s July 2018 approval was appealed to the LPAT by a local community group, but the appeal was dismissed by the LPAT on Dec 3, 2019. The development proposal will now move forward as originally approved.

3194-3206 Dundas St West

In Dec 2019, a pre-application meeting was held for a potential development at this site. The meeting was an opportunity for the developer to share their intentions with the community and City Planning staff prior to a formal submission of their application for an 8-storey residential building. The formal submission was submitted in June 2020.  At this point the first City community consultation is expected to take place in September 2020 (dependent of the state of the state of emergency declaration).

3385 Dundas St West

City Council has approved a 7-storey mixed-use building comprised of 131 residential units with  a minimum of 10 affordable rental apartment units as a Section 37 benefit. Site Plan is being completed, and excavation has begun.

3775-4005 Dundas St West

A rezoning application for a 12-storey residential building with 293 residential units was approved in 2017. There is now a re-submission for Site Plan approval of a 13-storey rental building with a narrowed envelope, smaller overall square footage, increased ground floor height, and added mezzanine. The applicant is currently applying to the Committee of Adjustments in support of these changes.  Demolition of the current buildings were conditionally approved in July 2020.

150 Dunn Ave 

The UHN long-term care facility on Dunn Ave has put forward an application to construct a 6-storey expansion to their institution to accommodate 200 new long-term care beds. A pre-application meeting was held in May 2019. The applicant continues to work with City Planning staff to finalize an acceptable submission.

299 Glenlake Ave 

A rezoning application was approved in Jan 2019 for an 11-storey, 123 unit infill apartment building. The proposed building will be added to the same site as an existing 30-storey residential apartment building with 233 units. City Planning staff advised that the proposed development represents appropriate infill within the High Park Apartment Neighbourhood Area, fitting within the existing and planned context of the area, and recommended approval of the application. A Site Plan review remains under consideration.

8-14 High Park Ave and 1908-1920 Bloor St West

A proposal at this site for a 3-storey child care building with 15 micro-retail/service units fronting the TTC bus platform was put forward in March 2016. The file remains under review.

35, 41-63, 65, & 95 High Park Ave and 66 & 102-116 Pacific Ave 

First submitted in Dec 2016, a settlement offer for this proposal was considered at City Council in Dec 2019. Council supported the City Solicitor’s recommendations to develop three buildings with heights of 11-, 30-, and 36-storeys. The proposed buildings will be added to the four rental apartment buildings which would be maintained, ranging in height from 15 to 26 storeys. Twenty 2-storey townhouses would be demolished as part of this proposal.

248 & 260 High Park Ave

An application has been approved to convert this heritage-protected church into a 77 unit residential building including a 4-storey addition to the top, west, and south sides. The church building will remain. There is a heritage designation on the Sunday School building such that the wall along Annette St and a portion of the western school wing will be retained. Two levels of underground parking will create 91 car parking spaces and 77 bicycle parking spaces.  Pre-construction is currently taking place.

200 Keele St & 203 Oakmount Rd 

A proposal for a 4-storey condo building containing 52 residential units with rental townhouses at grade has been proposed at this site. A later Committee of Adjustment application approved a lot severance for the site, and a request for minor variances to zoning was refused and appealed to the OMB. This proposal is once again going to be heard before the OMB.

406-410 Keele St

A settlement offer was accepted for construction of a 5-storey (including mezzanine level above the ground floor) residential building containing 30 residential units. The building will front on both Keele St and Vine Ave. Vehicular access is proposed from Vine Ave to a below ground parking garage. The site plan remains under review.

1182 & 1221 King St West

In Feb 2018, after going to the OMB but before a ruling was made, a settlement was reached between the City and this applicant to construct a 14-storey building on the southwest corner and a 19-storey building on the northeast corner of King St W and Dufferin St. Work on this application continues as it moves to its next steps. A workable Site Plan is currently being prepared, with conditions of approval from the City that must be met.

1926 Lake Shore Blvd West

Two 38-storey mixed-use towers were approved in Oct 2014 as part of an OMB order. In Dec 2019, the Committee of Adjustment approved an application to increase the height by 0.6m to accommodate a higher floor to ceiling height for the underground parking levels.

1978-2002 Lake Shore 

In 2017 an application was submitted at this site for two towers, 21- and 26-storeys tall, containing residential units and commercial at grade. This was above the 65 meter strata placed on the site. In May 2020 an updated application was submitted within the allowed limit.  The City is currently examining this proposal.

6 Noble St

The City has settled the OMB appeal with this developer and accepted an 8-storey building with some non-residential space on the ground floor and housing above, containing 101 residential units and two levels of below grade parking, with 115 spaces for bicycle parking. The Site Plan is currently being prepared.

111 Pacific Ave, 255 Glenlake Ave, and 66 Oakmount Rd 

This application was considered at City Council in Dec 2019. Council supported the City Solicitor’s recommendations to construct two towers, 32 and 25 storeys in height, as well as a row of 3-storey townhouses. The proposed build will be added to the 3 rental apartment buildings currently on site ranging in height from 12 to 23 storeys.

1296-1314 Queen St West

A pre-application meeting was held in Jan 2020 for a 7-storey building including commercial at grade, hotel units facing Queen St W, and residential units facing Noble Ave. A formal submission is expected to occur in the coming months.

1375 Queen St West

A pre-application meeting was held in Feb 2020 to review a proposal for an 8-storey rental building on this vacant site. An application was submitted in . City Planning staff will begin review of documents with a Preliminary Report to Toronto East York Community Council and further community consultation to follow.

1488 Queen St West

A pre-application meeting was held in Feb 2020 to review a proposal for a 6 storey building on this site. An application was submitted in . City Planning staff will begin review of documents with a Preliminary Report to Toronto East York Community Council and further community consultation to follow.

1521 Queen St West 

An application has been submitted at this site for an 8-storey building containing 78 residential units and retail on the ground floor, with 0 vehicle parking spots, 3 car share spaces, and 84 bicycle parking spots. The City is aware of the history of evictions from 2015 on this site and will remain mindful of this as the planning process continues. Another community meeting will be held in the near future.

51-77 Quebec & 40-66 High Park Ave

As per a decision rendered by the OMB in July 2015, this development consists of two 25-storey apartment buildings built on the site of the existing townhouse blocks, with townhouse units at the ground levels, and a total of 528 residential units. The two existing 20-storey buildings will remain as is, with a new indoor amenity building constructed at the north end of the property. Construction is currently underway

421 Roncesvalles Ave 

After an appeal to the LPAT seeking rezoning approval to build a 7-storey office building, the applicant and the City reached an agreement for a 5-storey (26.5m with mechanical penthouse) mixed-use office building with at-grade retail. The new construction would retain the existing heritage protected 2-storey former bank.

422-436 Roncesvalles Ave & 75 Howard Park Ave

The developer reached a settlement with City Planning to build an 8-storey building with accompanying townhouses at 76 Howard Park Ave after appealing to the OMB with their initial plans. The Site Plan has been approved and construction is currently underway.

625 Runnymede Rd (Long-Term Care Expansion) 

The province is offering funding for hospitals who can create, at minimum, 200 long-term care beds and have occupants by 2022. As a result this proposal is for a 5-storey building on the south end of the property, with 42 underground parking spaces, to hold 200 new beds. Community meetings were held in April and Oct 2019. The final report is expected to go to City Council in July 2020.

34 Southport St

In 2012 City Council approved a mixed-use development consisting of 29- and 26-storey apartment buildings and a 3-storey townhouse block which contain, in total, 558 residential units. The approval was appealed by The South Kingsway Neighbourhood Committee and the Swansea Area Ratepayers Association to the OMB, who approved the proposed development. In 2015 the owner applied to permit a larger grocery store and modify the built form, layout of the site, and location of parking spaces. The requested variances were approved, which among other matters, increased the tower heights to 30- and 27-storeys. The Site Plan Application continues to be worked on.

41 Wabash Ave

A  rezoning application was approved to retain and convert the existing 3-storey heritage building onsite into residential and add 4-storey residential townhouses to the south, for a combined total of 16 new residential units. As part of the agreement, the adjacent Charles G Williams Park will be gaining a strip of land 1.5m wide along its eastern boundary. Due to the enlargement, the wall running along the eastern edge of the park will need to be removed, and a new fence will replace it, with a new wall running approximately along the length of the basketball court. Community input will be sought during the site plan process.