Sorauren Park News and Events


Feel free to come out to the monthly meeting of the Wabash Building Society where they will provide an update on the Town Square campaign, behind-the-scenes fundraising activities, discussions with Parks, Forestry & Recreation, and more! The meeting is on Thursday April 5th 2012, 7 p.m. at the Sorauren Fieldhouse.
In other news the Sorauren Park Town Square campaign is now over $17,500 thanks to many generous donors. Among the latest contributions is $1,000 from the Metrolinx (GO Transit) Community Partnership Fund. The money will be used to purchase 12 bike rings for the park expansion. Donations over $10 receive a charitable tax receipt. The money will help with the Town Square Project, to tear down the fence, the pizza oven, and other amenities.

You can now through the Toronto Parks & Trees Foundation at:  Sorauren Town Square Project Donations


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