Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation Highlights King Yard – 1116 King Street West

Great news! The installation of solar photovoltaic at the King Yard – 1116 King St W has begun and should be completed this summer.

The installation at King Yard is part of a joint City/Toronto Hydro Solar PV program.

The Toronto Renewable Energy Office (TREO), in the Environment & Energy Division, is the City’s lead on the program.

The solar PV system will consist of 677 solar panels tilted at 10 degrees facing south.

Total size is 210 kilowatts (kW).  The system will be connected to the Toronto Hydro electrical grid.

The City will receive revenue for 20 years from the sale of electricity generated by the system, through Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff program.


Estimated Annual Output 235 MWh
GHG Emissions Reduction (Tonnes/year) 12
Equivalent houses off Grid(year) 20