Sistema Toronto’s Aviva Community Fund Campaign – Round Two

A message from Sistema:

To our Sistema Friends:

As you know by now, Sistema Toronto is in the Aviva Community Fund competition.  The first-round semi-finalists have been announced, and though we put up a good showing, we just didn’t get enough votes to move on.

The good news?  We’re in the second qualifying round, and voting starts this coming Monday, October 21.  That means we get another shot at $150,000.  If you’re already registered, then you can start clicking for us.  If you’re not registered, now’s your chance to head over to our Sistema Toronto page and sign up.  And remember, you get 15 votes for this second round – if you vote for Sistema Toronto each day until November 4, every single one of your votes will go to us.

We wouldn’t have done nearly so well in the first round if you hadn’t been voting for us every day, and for that we sincerely thank you.  We hope you’ll find the time to vote for us throughout the second round, and that you’ll pass along this e-mail to everyone you know to encourage them to vote too.

Your continued support means a great deal to us.  With your help, our children will continue to strive for excellence and reach their full potential.


David Visentin
Executive and Artistic Director
Sistema Toronto


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