Sidewalk Snow Clearing Trial

This winter, Transportation Services will begin a trial that will mechanically clear sidewalks of snow and ice in some areas where this service is currently not provided by the City. The trial will evaluate new, smaller equipment, which will be tested in areas of the city with a high number of households enrolled
in a program where Transportation provides sidewalk snow clearing services for seniors or persons with disabilities, in areas that do not receive mechanical clearing. As part of the trial, a full assessment and inventory of sidewalk widths, obstructions and other obstacles, such as utility poles, planters, retaining walls and areas with on-street parking adjacent to the sidewalk, will be completed by staff this year to determine the feasibility of providing mechanical clearing to unserved sidewalks in the city.

The bulletin below will provide more information on the trial.

TS_Sidewalk Snow Clearing Trial Bulletin

Below are the maps of the sidewalks that are included in this trial in Ward 4.

Sidewalk Trial Maps

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