Sanitary Main Replacement in Etienne Brule Park

The City of Toronto will replace the sanitary forcemain (a pressurized sewer pipe that transports wastewater from a lower to higher elevation) through Etienne Brule Park and Home Smith Park, which has reached the end of its life cycle.


This work will commence this January and is expected to be completed by May 2022. This work includes construction of sewage valve chambers, shaft construction, and microtunnelling (an efficient trenchless method for construction of small diameter tunnels) beneath the Humber River. It also involves connecting the new sanitary forcemain outside the existing Baby Point Sewage Pumping Station.


The construction work will proceed in stages and the entire work area may not be under construction at the same time. See below for more information on the project.FINAL_Baby Point Forcemain Replacement Construction Notice_Jan 11 2021