RVHS & The Revue Cinema Present: The Real Story Behind The Toronto 1950's Boyd Gang


“Who would have thought that there was a Roncesvalles connection to Canada’s most notorious bank robber.

Indeed, when Edwin Alonzo Boyd escaped, with two of his friends from the Don Jail in 1951, he took refuge in a house on Wright Ave.

And the next bank target just happened to be the Bank of Toronto at Dundas and Boustead Ave. Boyd and his so-called gang made off with $4,300.

Unfortunately, Boyd and his pals should have been a little more circumspect about concealing their ill-gotten gains.  They got fleeced. And it happened in Roncesvalles.

Come to The Revue on Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 6:30 p.m. to learn more about Boyd, who had the looks of an Errol Flynn and the athletic abilities to match. (He liked to jump up on bank counters during robberies.)

The Roncesvalles Village Historical Society is co-sponsoiring a screening of Citizen Gangster, the recent feature directed by Nathan Moriando.

Enjoy a Q&A with Nate Hendley,author of Edwin Alonzo Boyd: The Life and Crimes of Canada’s Master Bank Robber, plus a video with Moriando. Tickets: $10/$13.”


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