Roncesvalles Village: Under Construction But Open For Business

Support your local shops and businesses. Put your money where your house is!

Sewer mains, water mains, streetcar tracks, sidewalks—they’re all being rebuilt. You can get updates on the construction by visiting or

It’s a chance to build community at the same time. Support your local shopkeepers—buy locally! After the digging, dust and detours, we’ll make a great street event better!

Construction doesn’t stop things from happening on our street: the contractors are getting off Roncesvalles, paving and cleaning up, for the weekend of September 19 and 20 to make way for the 2009 Roncesvalles Polish Festival, our great annual two-day party. The Roncesvalles Polish Festival has grown to become North America‘s biggest celebration of Polish culture in Toronto‘s best neighbourhood! For more information on the festival, please visit

Construction doesn’t stop business from coming to Roncesvalles either. Over the past few months we’ve had a number of new businesses come to our neighbourhood. Please welcome Salon 96 (96 Roncesvalles, a very stylish hair salon), Simona (421 Roncesvalles, a new fashion store on Roncesvalles), The Little Hair Shop (477 Roncesvalles, a terrific little hair boutique), Mari Cla Ro (457 Roncesvalles, manufacturers and retailers of purses, handbags, laptop bags, and more, all made from recycled materials), Phila Optical (359 Roncesvalles), NW Styles (402 Roncesvalles inside Q8 Nails) and Rostecki Pharmacy (313 Roncesvalles), Rainbow Songs (277 Roncesvalles, specializing in early childhood music education and fun) and Olfer House of Beauty (51 Roncesvalles, hair salon and spa), all of whom have opened their doors in the past few months.

If construction doesn’t stop business from coming to Roncesvalles, it shouldn’t stop you from coming to Roncesvalles either! There are traffic restrictions—Roncesvalles has one lane of northbound traffic, and parking is limited—but we’re all open for business, so please continue to support your favourite shops through this challenging but exciting time.