Roncesvalles Renewed

Roncesvalles Renewed has begun planting! After two years of construction, new trees were planted on Roncesvalles on Saturday May 14th.

Every new tree on Roncesvalles is being planted in conditions where it will thrive and flourish for generations to come. Together with the existing trees, new trees will form a beautiful shade canopy.

On the west side, where most of the properties are privately owned by individuals or institutions, the City contributed free trees where conditions are suitable and owner willing to accept one.

On the east side, the planting beds are being readied. Planting will take place from May to June 2011.

Roncesvalles Renewed is a group of residents, business owners and community stakeholders

working together to optimize efforts for the planned reconstruction of Roncesvalles Avenue.

For More Trees

If you would like a tree planted in your own front yard or you see a spot that could support a tree, please contact:

Bill Montague of the RMRA Greening Committee at (416) 534-8772

The City of Toronto. Call 311 and ask for a tree from Urban Forestry.

Every tree in our neighbourhood helps green the whole community.

For more information visit: