Roncesvalles Environmental Assessment

Thank you to all the residents who had an opportunity to come out on Wednesday July 9th to meet with me and Transportation staff at the environmental assessment public consultation.

As you know staff are seeking approval for this project at a conceptual level. Please review the display boards on the City of Toronto website, link provided below, and share your comments with staff.

The Roncesvalles Reconstruction project is scheduled for 2009-2010. We have decided, in an effort to streamline this process, to run the environmental assessment in parallel with the design process. Once a cross section has been approved by the community and at Council, and the street survey is completed by Technical Services I will be organizing a community meeting to discuss the detailed design elements for Roncesvalles. I am hoping that a meeting of this nature will be organized in October, once the EA is complete.

The Roncesvalles Ave EA meeting display boards: