Roncesvalles – Construction Update

Watermain and sewer replacement continues on Roncesvalles Avenue between Fermanagh and Boustead. Comer, the contractor south of Fermanagh has completed their portion of this contract and Varcon, the contractor to the north, is scheduled to finish in March. The Project Engineer has advised that this delay will not affect the second contract. Streetscape, track and road work will begin in June and is scheduled to finish in late fall 2010 – Public notice will be circulated to folks shortly.

My office is in regular contact with the Project Engineer and we are making every effort to expedite the work. Unfortunately, Varcon and Comer are working off service information that is over 100 years old. As a result the locations of the sanitary services have to be field verified and for many locations there are multiple service connections, not all of which are active. For each location the contractors have to go into the buildings and determine where the discharge comes out to determine which services are live and therefore need to be replaced.

Varcon has 4 crews working right now and at points have split one crew into two, making five crews to speed up the servicing.

Servicing will be completed from Fermanagh Avenue to Marmaduke Street over the next month or so. After that time, the only outstanding work will be watermain connections within this section. Connections are localized to the various quadrants at intersection and each connection should take approximately half a day to complete.

The sanitary services from Howard Park Avenue to Boustead Avenue need to be replaced from north to south as the west sewer is being abandoned, but flow still needs to be maintained until the last service is transferred.

The last section of work will be from Marmaduke Street to Howard Park Avenue.

Please be advised that as part of this project some trees on Roncesvalles will have to be removed. Forestry has recently granted authority for the removal of the tree at 373 Roncesvalles Avenue to replace the sanitary service. 373 Roncesvalles is within the block from Grenadier Road to Neepawa Avenue. This block has the stepped sidewalk, which will be replaced with a parking lay-by with the upcoming surface works contract. Forestry will be replacing trees, in more optimal planting conditions, along Roncesvalles as part of the next contract.

In order to construct the lay-by, all the trees / planters in the block will require removal.

I thank all the business owners on Roncesvalles and residents in the neighbourhood for their patience over the last number of months. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.