Residents reminded not to feed wildlife

For everyone’s safety, including wildlife, remember to NEVER feed wild animals. If you are feeding wildlife, either intentionally or accidently, you are putting your family, neighbours, pets and wildlife at risk and you are doing more harm than good.

Feeding wild animals increases their presence and causes them to become more tolerant of people, creating problems for both our neighbourhoods and the wildlife. Letting animals use their own natural instincts to forage and hunt higher quality food on their own is the only kindness they need. Remember these important tips:

  • Never feed wildlife and don’t leave food, including pet food, outside.
  • Properly dispose of waste at home and in parks.
  • Do not approach wildlife, their dens or their young.
  • Do not touch wildlife, even if they appear tame, sick or injured.
  • Keep dogs on leash and away from wild animals.

Contact 311 if you see someone feeding coyotes as it is against the Parks Bylaw. For more information visit: