*Reminder* King – Queen – The Queensway – Roncesvalles Reconstruction: Sewer, Watermain, TTC Streetcar Track Replacement and Intersection Improvements

This joint project by TTC, Transportation Services and Water is the result of many years of work by the community.

In addition to state of good repair work on the aging sewer and TTC tracks around the intersection, the following will also be taking place:

  • Relocation of the eastbound centre platform streetcar stop to the far side of the intersection
  • Normalization of the intersection by removing the right turn lane from Queensway to King Street West
  • Creation of additional green space at the parkette located at Roncesvalles Pedestrian Bridge
  • Modification / construction of street car platforms at Glendale avenue

On April 5th there will be closures at this intersection. The initial closure date was pushed back as to not close the intersection in the middle of the week to then stop work over the holidays.

The following links provide more information about this work and the details for the weekly virtual trailer drop-in sessions:



Please do not hesitate to call or email the office if you have any questions about this construction work.