Public Transit

Thanks to many of you for speaking up for good public transit in Toronto. Transit City will have tremendous benefits for our environment, social development, social inclusion, urban development, and prosperity. It will finally connect all of Toronto. On the other hand, the cuts to bus service being considered by the TTC will be disastrous for the city.

If we are going to win these fights, we are going to have to speak up. I would like to recommend a few more resources:

First, there is a wonderful community group advocating on behalf of transit riders. You can find out more about them, or even join by going to

Second, my friend Steve Munro runs a first rate blog on all things TTC: Steve has been Toronto’s premier independent transit researcher and activist for four decades. His website is the best resource there is for people who want to engage in conversation about what the TTC is and what it could be.

Third, the Pembina Institute has released a report examining the costs and benefits of the LRT against the proposed subway extension:

As a Torontonian you have to the right to demand your Councillor make their views on Transit City known to you. Here is my answer: I completely endorse the completion of Transit City. Transit City is Transit NOW. Mayor Ford’s supposed subway plan is fairy dust. It will mean a huge delay, tens or hundreds of millions of dollars wasted, and a huge number of Torontonians with no rapid transit service.

Finally, we should be making the TTC more accessible to all parts of our city. Bus service reductions do not achieve that goal and instead, represent a backward step. There will be TTC public meetings to discuss staff-proposed route changes next week.

See: for the dates and locations.