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Toronto Hydro hands out free clotheslines

As a member of the Toronto Hydro Board of Directors I thought that Ward 14 residents might be interested in this opportunity. Please read this read this article, published in the National Post.


2008 Call for Applications: Energy New GMF Funding Opportunity for Green Buildings

On May 7, 2008, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) will issue a call for applications for Green Municipal Fund (GMF) financing to retrofit municipal buildings for energy efficiency or construct new energy-efficient municipal buildings.

The primary objective of this targeted funding opportunity is to finance exceptional green building projects that can serve as examples of excellence for other municipal governments to follow.

GMF will award, in total, up to $20 million in low-interest loans and up to $2.5 million in grants through this call for applications. Eligible applicants can request up to $2 million in loans and $300,000 in grants for each project.

Any municipal government, or municipal utility or corporation wholly owned by a municipal government in Canada may apply.

The deadline to submit a full application is June 19, 2008. Final decisions on funding will be available in January 2009.

In addition to funding for capital projects, GMF provides grants for sustainable community plans and for feasibility studies and field tests. Details on these funding opportunities are available online at www.sustainablecommunities.fcm.ca.