Pesticide Treatment for Dog Strangling Vine in High Park

Urban Forestry will be initiating their annual management plan of Dog Strangling Vine in High Park beginning in July.

Dog-strangling vine is a herbaceous weed that forms dense colonies. Dog-strangling vine impacts native plants and habitat by:

  • crowding out and smothering native vegetation and young trees
  • decreasing survival of monarch butterfly larvae by mimicking native milkweeds
  • increasing selective grazing on remaining native vegetation by deer and other browsing animals
  • decreasing abundance of insects and pollinators
  • reducing habitat for grassland birds.

Various sections of the Natural areas in High Park are managed for Dog Strangling Vine on a cyclical basis.  Treatment in these areas will take place intermittently during the period of early July to end of August.

Although the pesticide being applied (glyphosate) has a low acute toxicity for people and animals, it is wise to reduce your and your pet’s exposure. Please see the attached document for more information.

The pesticide treatment area is marked with signs at every entry point around its edge. Warning signage will be posted 24 hours before treatment and be removed 48 hours following treatment.

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