Parkdale Walking Tour

The Parkdale Residents Association (PRA) is creating a Parkdale Walking Tour with the sponsorship of the City of Toronto and the Ward 14 Councillor’s office.

The walk will highlight the history, architecture, stories, events, oddities, and more of Parkdale. The first walk will be May 1st or 2nd, 2010, and will one of the international Jane*s Walks.

It will debut as a guided walk and will also be published as a self-guided tour in a flyer or postcard format and on the PRA and City of Toronto websites.

The PRA is looking for suggestions for what should be included in this walk, which will be roughly bounded by Cowan Avenue to the east, King Street to the south, Jameson Avenue to the West, and Queen Street to the north.

We appreciate any suggestions you may have for places, persons, and particulars within this area. Please feel free to pass on this request to others.

The PRA plans to produce walks for other areas of Parkdale in future years.

Please call 416-534-9139 or email if you have questions or suggestions.